Linked Notes Help

Welcome to Linked Notes software. Please spend a few minutes going through this guide to learn some Linked Notes basics. We will introduce you to a number of useful functions and concepts that will help you start keeping track of everything.


Here are a few key terms that will be used throughout these help pages.


Wiki: From a Hawaiian word that means "quick", A Wiki is a collection of pages that can be quickly edited to produce an information source.


Page: Linked Notes organizes your information in pages which are represented in an index, and can be exported, searched, printed or published.


Index: A hierarchical representation of the pages in your Linked Notes personal wiki.


Page Links: Page names are automatically identified as links and are indicated with blue text and an underline. These serve as a way to easily navigate between page.


RTF: This is an acronym for Rich Text Format. This is a standard document format that can be opened or saved by most word processing applications.


Import: The process of adding external text or RTF documents as new Linked Notes pages.


Export: The process of saving pages as external text or RTP documents.


Publish: The process of exporting pages to an external web site with the intent of sharing your pages. All of these help pages were published using Linked Notes software.




Use the index on the left to navigate through these help pages. Enjoy!